Our story

On the world map of top quality olive oil, Croatia is positioned at the top.

Our olive oil is part of a valuable national treasure that is spreading from Croatia around the world.

It has been created and nurtured in this beautiful Mediterranean country for thousands of years.

Our company Dolina maslina d.o.o. (Olive Valley l.t.d.) is a family company with which we revived derlict land near Zadar in 2012.

On decades of uncultivated rocky terrain, we have raised an olive grove numbering about 7,000 trees on 28.02 ha.

In 2021, we did it again, together with the family company Terra dei d.o.o. Another 7,000 olive trees were planted on the new area of 30 ha.

We are not traders. We are manufacturers.

Our plantations are located at 200m above sea level, which gives the oil a special value and quality.

We approach cultivation in an ecological way. We pick olives by hand from our own olive groves and carefully choose the best ones.

We produce for you the most modern product with the most modern cold processing technology, for your pleasure and your health, for every family table.

Indigenous Croatian varieties (Oblica, Buža, Istarska Bjelica, Rošiljola, Lastovka, Drobnica) are raised on a total of 49 ha of land, on the other 9 ha two Italian varieties (Leccino and Pendolino).

The entire project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Rural Development Program for the Period 2014-2020 played an important role in raising the perennial olive grove and reconstructing the existing plantation.

EAFRD financing takes place under M04 "INVESTMENTS IN PHYSICAL ASSETS", sub-measure 4.1. "Support for investments in agricultural holding", 4.1.1. "Restructuring, modernization and increasing the competitiveness of PG fruits and vegetables." In the co-financed part, the share of the EU is 85%, while the share of the Republic of Croatia is 15%.


We are proud to announce that in 2021 our olive oil won two gold and one silver medal at two different world olive oil competitions. (New York and Japan)

NYIOOC is the largest and most prestigious olive oil competition in the world. Its annual list of winners is an authoritative guide to the world’s best olive oils.

The OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition is one of the world's leading olive oil competitions, bringing together the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in awarding medals to the best oils from around the world.

Awards and certifications

The numerous world awards we have received for our product so far testify that we are on the right track.

The certificates that our oil proudly carries and the awards it wins are just the beginning for us.

The oil has won two gold medals in New York - NYIOOC and Japan (The OLIVE JAPAN International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition) in 2021 at competitions. They that present the world's leading oil mills and confirm the high quality of the oil by detailed analyzes.

We plan to “grow” and continue to participate in many festivals and competitions.

Analytical Report of Agribiocert

The attached document contains the Analytical Report of Agribiocert.

The authenticity of the work of the Olive Valley has been proven by testing the pesticide residue in organic agriculture.


The assortment of our olive grove is enriched by seven varieties of olives. Four domestic indigenous sorta planted on a total of 19 ha of plantations and three Italian varieties spread on the other 9 ha.

In order to create a truly unique olive oil, we have chosen varieties that are highly superior to other varieties in the most important properties of extra virgin olive oil, namely "fruttato" (fruitiness), bitterness and spiciness.

OBLICA is the most widespread, autochthonous Croatian variety. It has very large, round fruits and oil with a pronounced fruitiness.

ISTARSKA BJELICA got its name symbolically from its fruit, which remains light green color even until December. It has high yield of oil that has a pronounced bitterness and piquancy.

BUŽA is the variety that has the most aromatic substances in the oil and was the world champion at the Flos Olei World Festival in Rome for four years. The appearance of the oblica and its fruit is very similar in shape with buža, so they are often called sisters.

ROŠINJOLA is also our domestic variety, which, in the last few years, has been planted by Croatian olive growers due to its extremely abundant and regular yield. The crown is thick, and the oil has a pronounced density and spiciness.

LECCINO is the world's most famous variety grown from the Mediterranean to Chile, and comes from Italy. Regular and abundant yield in all parts of the world and by far the most widespread variety in the world.

PENDOLINO is a variety that comes from Italy, and is known for pollinating a large number of other sorta. It may have a high quality oil, but it is necessary to do thinning of the fruit.

CIPRESSINO is also an Italian variety of cypress growth after which it got its name. In our olive grove it is planted on the north side and forms a barrier between the highway and the olive grove. In addition, it serves as a kind of windbreak.

In the schematic representation, in the attached document, the arrangement of planted varieties is simplified. Such diversity makes the olive grove extremely rich not only in appearance but also in quality.

Special features

Ever since the time of Liburnians and the ancient Romans, this area has been known as an area where the best olive oil in the Mediterranean can be produced.

As historical evidence of that time, the remains of the Roman town of Nedinum (Nadin) are located just a few kilometers from our olive grove.

As another proof of the quality of olive oil from this area, writes the famous Marcus Apucius, who talks about the possibility of making, counterfeiting, Liburnian olive oil, and he writes:

«… Mix Spanish and Greek oil, young laurel and cypress leaves, grind it all into powder and press, add chopped dried salt and mix carefully for the next three or more days. After that, leave the oil to calm down and everyone will think it is Liburnian… “.

In the most ecological place in Croatia, the village of Nadin, our olive grove is located at an altitude of 199 m and descends to the southwest to an altitude of 160 m.

This makes it a marginal area for growing olives, positionally very well located, constantly exposed to wind (storm) which greatly reduces the possibility of pest attack.

Observing the history, the current state of Croatian olive growing and the growth of human awareness in the world about healthy eating, our production is based from the beginning on the principles of the uniqueness of olive oil:

1. virgin soil
2. autochthonous assortment
3. ecological agriculture



We created a new grove near the old plantation, on a total area of an additional 30ha, together with the family company Terra Dei l.t.d.

Terra Dei l.t.d. is a company of 7 families of volonteers of the Homeland War who, like us, want to preserve the benefits of Croatia, and stay, enjoy and work in Croatia.

There are a total of 8 families with 30 childre
Our children have already grown into young, educated people, agronomists and other relevant professionals - and we are all involved in the work of our companies "Terra Dei" and "Dolina Maslina"!

Our vision is to strengthen the desire of new generations to stay in Croatia.

Our mission is to produce top-quality, ecological, autochthonous olive oil that we create according to the millennial Croatian tradition.